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Welcome to ABI Taos

Welcome to ABI Real Estate Investments!

Taos Mountain, as seen from the town of Taos, New Mexico

You should choose ABI Real Estate Investments because:

  • Both Doug and Nancy are intimately familiar with Taos and with the Taos Real Estate Market
  • They have over 30 years combined real estate experience
  • If you wish to purchase land, homes or investment real estate you have come to the right place

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Have you ever heard the cliché " if you want to ensure that something gets done, ask a busy person to do it"? Whoever came up with that had people like Doug and Nancy in mind. Several times I have called their office after 7 pm expecting to leave a message for morning only to find them hard at work and answering the phones. In the past few years I have completed three transactions with them and I have been delighted every step of the way .
  One of the big benefits you get with them is access to their network of friends and business associates. Having been here pretty much forever ,they know everyone! When I call to make an appointment with  local officials, the wait is generally a week or more.
When Doug calls somehow there is now an opening that afternoon. I've even had a lawyer give up a weekend, at no extra charge, to type up some last minute docs after Doug called in a favor.
 As for Nancy, I listed a house with her and it was under contact in four days. Enough said.
                                    Thanks guys! 
Tobias Duncan

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