ABI Real Estate Investments -- Taos, New Mexico
704 Zuni St., Suite E
P.O. Box 1676
Taos, NM 87571

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Doug Bachtel, owner of ABI Real Estate Investments, Taos, NM

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Doug Bachtel
Doug Bachtel, owner of ABI Real Estate Investments

"Without Doug's help, this beautiful piece of land I now own would have never happened.

And this was not just any normal land purchase, there were many many obstacles to overcome and Doug took it upon himself to make it right and make it happen!

Thank you so very much Doug."

- Diane Hardy

  • Born in Taos many many moons ago before there were any paved streets or traffic lights.
  • Enjoyed a wonderful life growing up under the blue skies and starry nights of this quiet little village.
  • Graduated from good ole Taos High with good riddance gestures from all the staff.
  • Represented the U.S. Army on the slopes of Europe just as the Viet Nam era was ending.
  • Spent many years finding myself until I finally decided I was never really lost.
  • Entrepreneur by heart with a degree from Reality Tech.
  • Jack of many trades including restaurateur, builder, wholesaler, retailer, ski instructor, realtor, etc, etc, etc...
  • Owner and Co-owner of many businesses including my very first as a yard maintenance technician at age 11.

Familial and Social Status:
  • Happily married with two kids in college (yikes).
  • Served in several capacities of many civic organizations including but not limited to 2 term President of the Taos County Association of Realtors, 5 term board member for St Francis Elementary School, volunteer fireman for several years, youth soccer and basketball coach for far too long, and very enthusiastic instructor for Junior Achievement at middle school level.
  • Selected as Realtor of the year in 2001 by my peers for my civic duties and accomplishments and integrity as a realtor.
  • Facing the reality of our countries higher education system and to a nest that is sometimes empty yet peaceful to one that is brimming with college kids sleeping on couches, floors, and the sounds of the fridge being emptied.
  • Committed to keeping Taos a pretty special place.

  • Work.
  • Powder skiing. (please be advised that on extreme powder days, one has no friends, or kids, or clients)
  • Sailing, water-skiing, mountain biking, hiking, cliff diving, wanna be duffer and hang glider.
  • Interesting but intelligent people.
  • Did I mention work?

  • Being a good role model for my kids.
  • Staying a loved and loving husband.
  • Travel all over the United States and visit as many exotic tropical Islands as possible.
  • Trying to be the realtor everyone will recommend to their friends and family.

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